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Ask for Help, If you don’t know then just ask.

I am going to my first ever Bloggers convention in August.  Yes, there are going to be answers to all of these questions that I have and some that have not come to mind yet.  The big thing of this is it’s a way for me to “Ask for Help” without actually Asking for Help……

Does that make any sense to you?  It does for me because asking for help with something that I don’t know how to do is very hard when the people you ask try to explain things in terms that you have no idea of what they mean.

Let me rephrase that a little bit when I ask for help all I want is the basic or generic answer to my question.  Not the long drawn out text-book answers.  If I could understand the process that way then I would not have asked for help to begin with.

Everybody learns different and I know I learn different.

My husband is one of those people who knows a lot about computers.  In his former job in the U.S. Army he would set up presentations, make flow charts and design things.  But when it came to me and setting up my blog that was not what I signed up for.  I had my ideas of what I wanted my blog to look like and my color schemes and so forth.  When I ran into an issue or got stuck with meta, beta, head and footer I went to him for help.

I can laugh about it now but back then shit was not funny.  Instead of helping me with what I asked for his help with, he came back at me with the same questions I asked him.  Hell if I knew the answer we would not have had the conversations.

But that wasn’t the bad part of things the bad part was him asking me how I got to the section I was at and needing help with and when I told him he would ask why did I do that.  Boy the looks I gave him.  He wanted to go back and undo everything I had done and re-do it just to get back to where I was and then there I was just as lost as before.

Me asking him for help ended but not soon enough.

I began  to go back and read all of those Pinterest posts that I saved onto my boards and even tried to follow along on some YouTube channels but they kept throwing in that computer jargon that I have yet to this very day understand.

See, I am the kind of person that you could say is a ‘paint by numbers’ person.  Yep.  That is how dummied down I need things to be or better yet if I could just get someone to do the hard parts for me that would be 100.

I don’t  mind asking for help because it’s not hard to know when you don’t know what you are doing.  It’s just that I think my questions are basic enough to just get the basic answers.

The feeling of being looked at like you’re  crazy for some of the questions that are asked don’t bother me either.  They always say if you don’t know just ask.

This conference is a first for me and my excitement is a bit overwhelming.  Having read about other bloggers and their experiences at a bloggers conference as well as the information that gained and knowledge they walked away with is a great driving force for me.




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Blogging was something that I wanted for my niece. She never followed thru so I started my own. Nothing specific just a lot of general things that I discuss because Life Happens and I talk about it.

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