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The View from here and where I stand in life is much clearer to me now.  I was in my own way and there was a mountain that I needed to move.  In order to climb higher and achieve what I felt was out of my reach I had to take a deeper look at me and what I have in me.  Blaming others for my failures and downfalls is no longer acceptable.

What are life goals?

What are  dreams?

What is passion?

Where will I be tomorrow?

These are some very important questions, that we must ask ourselves sometimes on a daily basis.

But do we have any answers to these questions?

Do you dream?

Do you have goals?

Do you have a passion for anything?

Do you know where you will be tomorrow?

Some people don’t have answers to these questions which is why they often get caught off guard when someone asks them.

In my lifetime, I have been asked these questions a time or two and right at those moments I did not have an answer.

My thought process was that I had plenty of time to dream.  Plenty of time to build my passion in life.  I am in no hurry to set life goals, and tomorrow; I am trying to survive today much less think about tomorrow.

You can’t make people see things the way you do when that is not what’s important to them.  Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way.

The idea or thought that the journeys that I am taking now in life could have set different paths for me in the past had I just listened to or tried to see what was already in me.  Your passion is there you just have to be the one that brings it out of you.

Is it because I was always afraid of being the one to disappoint people or because I always felt that no one paid enough attention to notice?

Safe to say that I will never know the answers to those two questions but I will say that I will let no one deter me from driving on.

My dream is to dream bigger.

My goal is to be successful at all I do.

My passion is my hard work and determination to succeed.

And my tomorrow will be bigger than my today.

All of this leads to the question What is Your Success Story? How does it compare to mine?

Learning from my self-made mistakes in life has been the biggest win for me thus far in life.  Knowing that I can undo some of those negative thoughts that held me back and glued my feet to the ground shows that the potential my grandmother saw in me, I can now see for myself and let my light shine.

Hesitation and frustration are there long after you succeed and move on in life.  They are there just waiting on you to try and make that next move so that they can jump in and pull you back.  It’s your success and your drive so it’s imperative that you push on and make it through to unblock the view that you have for your self.

Although best said by the music group ‘New Edition’; the phrase of “Can You Stand The Rain” holds true for day to day life and trials, you’ve got to be willing to go thru something to get something.

What was or is your biggest challenge of getting to the next level?








By Sheila Moon

Blogging was something that I wanted for my niece. She never followed thru so I started my own. Nothing specific just a lot of general things that I discuss because Life Happens and I talk about it.

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