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What is Your Success Story? How does it compare to mine?

When you think about your life and all that has happened or not happened to you, what is your Success story?  We all have a story to tell or sell to the highest bidder/the loudest listener.  Keeping something that made us proud to be where we are or where we once were to ourselves seems so ridiculous.  They say ‘share the knowledge and share the wealth’.  Besides I know you have been told on many occasion that you can’t take it with you!

Here is your chance to tell the good, wash away the bad and disassociate yourself from the ugly.  What ever your success story may be.

Let the world in on your secrets, someone else may benefit from your trials and tribulations.  A piece of your life could be the missing piece to someone else’s puzzle.  Connecting your dots could be the link missing from another person’s chain of success.

To put in real words: Young and Dumb can only last for so many years.  Seeing the struggle that someone else is having should make us want to open the door a little to give some insight on how our Success became our Story.

That life that you lead on a daily basis surrounded by your inhibitions to please/not please others, is that your success story?  Getting up before 4:00am  when you were just able to wound down at midnight to get into bed just to be that driving force of a dickhead to those around you, is that your story?

Not having an adequate amount of time to let go of the previous days occurrences so your body and mind can rest.  The needed relaxation for a new refreshment of  your spirit in order to face the new days challenges.  This is not new for you.  Living your life this way is the ideal high for you.  Waking up more tired than when you went to bed in the first place, ha, who needs sleep when there is a ladder of Success that you need to climb before you turn 35?

There is only 10 years left on your Success plan that you wrote out for your life.  There is no way in hell that you are going to sleep those 10 years away.  All of those relationships that you have gone thru; who needed them?

They were not part of the plan, they were just obstacles that tried to defer you.  Yeah you hurt some people along the way, stepped on some friends, walked on some hearts, broke some spirits but yours is the only Success that matters.

Treating people as if they are the shit on which you step on because they are not where you are in your career and probably never will be, is that your success story?  Having your life drawn out for you made it easier for you to be in the top spot.  The foundation was built long before you were even born.  Financial freedom was your father’s name on your birth certificate and it the spot where it said mother’s name, never work hard a day in your life, was written.

Wait, what, you didn’t go to college?  Not everyone on this earth has the luxury of affording to pay for college.  Some parent’s wanted that dream for their child but sometimes you have to choose to live first.  Choosing to have a roof over your head and food in your mouth is a bigger Success story for some people, but would you understand that?

Your parents don’t own the company you work for?  There is this bombass club in another country and you being you, want to be the big shot that flies every one there.  Making a call to use the company jet is nothing to you.  That phone call can have the plane ready and in the air within the next thirty minutes.  Then comes that look of disgust because not every one is as entitled as you are.  There are different levels of humans sitting at the same table you are.  Of course every one at the table wants to go but can’t  because they have to do ground work on a proposal.  There is research to be done on some old files for a case coming up next month. A wife is at home with the kids and wanting a needed bath break.  And then there you are, left sitting at the table with fellow humans and judging them for what was or was not passed down to them.  Better yet, they have to work for what they want in life.   Is this your Success story?

My Success Story is one of this:

I am a happily married woman with 4 children and 8 grandchildren and a Shih Tzu named Brutus.  Here I sit about to hit the big 50 in a few years and I am working on getting my shift together so that I can work for me!  I work for someone else’s company.  No riches, fame or fortune were passed down to me.  All that I have or do not have, I have worked for!


What’s your Success Story?





By Sheila Moon

Blogging was something that I wanted for my niece. She never followed thru so I started my own. Nothing specific just a lot of general things that I discuss because Life Happens and I talk about it.

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