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Photo stocking, when you don’t know what to blog about.


I know that I wanted to write a blog post today but I had no idea what I wanted to write about.  Sitting here with my laptop (in my lap) my cellphone and IPad (mobile devices will be the end of us), I began to think about a topic-photo stocking.  Downloading images for later use.

As I lingered on about what to write about, I got an e-mail  tone and it was from picjumbo letting me know of new and fresh images available for review.

Sitting here sipping on a glass of Chardonnay and catching up on some of my favorite shows, I began to go thru and download  images for blog posting.  It hit me (don’t you love when inspiration comes out of thin air), I could do a post on photo stocking.

I’m sure that this may have been done many times before and probably by some of the bloggers that I follow but when the inspiration hits you – you have to go with it.

Wednesday  dinner now simmering on the stove being on my third glass of Chardonnay, I want to tell you about some of the sites that I use for downloading my blog images/photos.

Of course there are the photos that come with the theme that was purchased by you use that are archived in your appearance file.  If you paid for the theme then you have paid for those images (that’s my way of thinking).

There are those sites that offer you free access to their images for photo stocking if you are at all like me and not a professional photographer but you know what kind of images you are interested in.

Use of the portrait option on my iPhone does come in quite handy when I am taking photos of my handmade jewelry for showing on my Instagram page.

When it comes to blogging you hear/read that you want professional images for your blogs to reel in your readers.  You know to  keep them interested or at least draw them in.

A pic image from the theme I purchased


Where do  I get those photo stock images  from?  As mentioned previously, I use http://Picjumbo  but I also use http://SplitShire for free images.

Of the many things I have  noticed on Pinterest is that may bloggers have the same photo images for their post.

While the topic may be different those photos provide many useful theme images.

I started using http://Gratisography today.

These sites offer free photos with the option to purchase photos and images at a monthly rate.

Photo images chosen are of good quality to me, just think of the quality of the ones that have to be purchased.

I can’t wait to get this blog flowing so that I can take advantage of other options besides the free ones.

What I did was take the time today to go thru these sights and review their images / photos and then stock up on the ones that I like.

Images for my  blog postings and even to upgrade my blogging banners for Facebook and Instagram posts.

My total photo stock download for the day was 30 images.  Now to find 30 blog post ideas to use these images with.

Side note:  I used the Canva 30 day free trial to play around with the images and wording  and then I ended up purchasing a subscription because I love it.

Sometimes you have to try things out before you buy them to make sure you like them.

What do you do to prep for future blog postings when you have writers block?

There are lots of free photo stock image sites out there.  What sites do you use for free stock images?


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    June 22, 2017

    Thanks for the gratisography tip I will be checking them out!

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      June 22, 2017

      There are others that I have yet to look into that are supposed to be better than the ones I’ve listed. I will let you know.

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