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Persistent to continue on this course. Blogging Goals-1

Are you persistent with your commitment to blogging?  Even if noone reads it but you right now it’s important that you are consistent with your blog up-keep so you won’t give up. Realizing that you are falling short on yourself is a very hard realization.  Especially when you want something that can be completely yours without answering to someone else.

That is how I feel about running a blog.  Can I tell you exactly when this decision came to me? No I can’t.

Is there the exact point and time that I sat out to put this in to progression a memory to me?  Yes it is.

Why is that?  Because this is something that I have been having a hard time succeeding at.

Being that  with most things that we start out trying to do on our own and not follow the lead of those before us (trying to take short cuts) and what they went thru only makes it harder.

I wrote a mini segment to share with any one who read it about the struggles I have experienced on this road.  Let me say that this is not an easy task.  No matter how easy others make it out to be.  Especially if you are working more than 60 hours a week and you have other hobbies that you are trying to make a go of.

You may have read articles that tell you to set blogging goals to achieve that success that you dream of.  I read those articles but did not follow thru.

Lessons learned.

Be Persistent:

When this journey began the name of it was SheMoon Designs.  That is the name of one the shops I run on Etsy.  A shop where I make wreaths, swags and garlands and since have expanded into home centerpieces.  The reason for that name is this blog was intended to be out my shop.

My intended goal was to write blog post about each unit that I produced while making it.  Talk about the wreath making process, reason for the wreath/swag or garland and talk about the supplies that I used and where I purchased them from.

That along with the journey of starting up a blog with my lack of computer knowledge seemed like a good fit for me.  Heck I was all gung-ho.

That struggle got really real for me quickly.  The timing of when I was able to make a product was one thing but to find the time to blog about it was something totally different.  Don’t get me wrong, I know it can be done because there are others in this world that do the exact same thing.  And they are a succeeding very well at it.

Turns out that was not meant for me.

My personality did not fit with that at all.  I had to figure out a different idea to go in.

{a new niche, I know you’ve heard or read about that before}.

During the process of trying to figure things out I was able to write about my journey of getting this website { never-ending computer battles} up and running so that was some content that I had at my fingertips.  Of course the struggle of understanding how to set up a theme had my nerves torn up and me drinking more than socially [or just relaxing].  When that got me so fed up I stopped doing anything associated with blogging.

Let’s just say I took an unpaid leave of absence. 🙁

On that vacation I started a new hobby that took up even more of my time.  Wreath making, jewelry making and working full-time still did not make me not want to give up on my idea of blogging.

So I turned my head in a new direction, changed the name of my blog and got back to writing about my computer woes but added more into it.  Here and there I write about life.  Like the post I am writing right now is about the life of my struggles as a blogger.  But it’s content and it’s a true story.

This teaches me to be persistent as well as consistent on this journey.  For instance this is my third blog post that I have written today.  The best part of this is that I get to schedule the day for it to be posted.

My persistence is pre-planning the existence of my blog by stocking up on photos as well as having written post that are ready to go and setting a schedule for when they are to be posted.  That is my determination to keep www.woodennickeldiaries.com  up and blogging.

My consistency is writing blog post about the events of my life and those around me that are ready to be published at any given time and not trying to force myself to sit down and write something when I have no idea what to blog about.  Writing and saving as I go along keeps my communication and the thoughts that I have about a certain topic fresh and new.  [until it is posted :0]

That reminds me – I need to update my about page to reflect the change in idea.

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By Sheila Moon

Blogging was something that I wanted for my niece. She never followed thru so I started my own. Nothing specific just a lot of general things that I discuss because Life Happens and I talk about it.

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