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I was going Insane, Behind the Scenes of a Struggling Blogger Pt.2

It’s not hard to get lost in all that it takes to start a blog, most times I thought I was going insane.   As a matter of fact, it is quite easy to do.  And it took no real effort on my part to feel like this.

I was looking for instant success and it just doesn’t happen that way.  There is no instant success with blogging, it takes a lot of work.  Sometimes more work than we are willing to put into it before we just give it all up.


If you are on Pinterest or Facebook you can’t help but notice that many bloggers are telling you how to increase your blog traffic.

They tell the how they themselves have gained thousands of followers and how their income is flowing in to the point of where full-time jobs have been replaced with full-time blogging.

Some are saying they are making enough income that they have become debt free and some are saying their income has surpassed their spouses.

If you are anything like me, your eyes lit up as you have beam with excitement over the mere thought of this.  Finally the right opportunity has come along for you to be your own boss.  Set your own work schedule and still maintain the same or maybe even improve your current income to live your life the way you want to.

Happiness is at your fingertips.  More family time.  More travel time.  More having good old fashion fun time.

It’s all there in print, all of these bloggers are doing it and they are going to share their secrets to success with you.

One of those secrets is to apply for Affiliate Marketing Programs.  In some cases it has been suggested that you do this before you publish your first blog post.  I have read from some bloggers about this process and their ups and downs of getting accepted by some companies.  With that you can’t help wonder how you get approved when you haven’t’ written a post yet?

But they have been here before you, they have gone thru the process and want to help us avoid some of the trials and tribulations they have gone thru.

And there I was filled with excitement and giddiness because I was going to show my husband that I could make money blogging.  I am starting the process.

There were three Affiliate Marketing programs that were mentioned in several articles that were sure-fire for beginner bloggers.  Suggested for those of us who were just as lost as a blind bat.

[In this case if you don’t have any pre-post written or know what your blog is going to be about but you still wanted to do this.] No Time To Write, Behind the Scenes of a Struggling Blogger

Daydreaming of that first piece of income you would receive, quitting that job that you hate so much, working from home, setting your own schedule and wearing sweat pants and tee shirts all day to work.

AAAAAhhhhhh, the good life is knocking on your door.


My mood with this blog set up

I was rejected by two of those three companies because my blog was too new, did not meet the requirements and the big thing….not enough followers.

How did this happen, these companies were said to accept anyone especially new blogs into their Affiliate Marketing Programs.

The next few hours was a lot of  huffing and puffing and storming thru the house.  I could feel the steam flowing from my ears and I was hot.

When I finally began to cool down and looked at my computer there was a new email from that third company that I applied to and they said I was approved.  That smile came creeping back to my face at the thought of having a foot in the door.

There is hope for me after all.  I read up on what I needed to get the link into blog post as I wrote them (took me a few weeks to figure that out) and began to publish some works.  Overjoyed once again at the thought of making money thru my blog I began to celebrate.  Walking around the job that I dislike so much with a huge smile all the while saying to myself that it won’t be long now.

Days and weeks went by and there was no income.

No one ever read my post.  No views.  No sharing.  Not one single thing happened with that post after I hit published.

I went back and reviewed the post, made sure that I published the content and verified the date.  And just as I was about to take my lap top and throw it on the floor and give it all up – it hit me.


HAHAHAHAHA- here I was thinking in my hindsight that all I had to do was hit publish and people would know that I had a post out there, that a new blog was out there in the computersphere.

Do I quit now and forget this happened and tell no one of this debacle?  Nope.  Not me.  I keep at it.

What do I do now?

That is my next blog article-Blog Support Groups.

How was your blog start-up?  Do you have any horror stories to share?

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Blogging was something that I wanted for my niece. She never followed thru so I started my own. Nothing specific just a lot of general things that I discuss because Life Happens and I talk about it.

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