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Follow Me, Read Me, Talk to Me. Behind the Scenes 3.

The sun has gone down and it’s time for you to get pumped up after that cool down.  This blog isn’t going to grow itself and you have seen that with the non-progress that you have made thus far.  It is now time for Gelato and getting those followers up. Blogging Support Groups are the rage right now with all of social medias advice for gaining that needed audience to get you somewhere in this game of blogging.

In those same Pinterest groups and blogging feeds that you follow they all give the same advice for gaining those followers.

Join Blog Support Groups if you want to increase your blog traffic instantly.  All you need to do is the request to join those groups, get accepted in and start participating in the group feeds.  These groups are everywhere from Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram to Bloglovin to Google and probably many others that I am not familiar with,

If you have read any of my post Where Do You Find Time.. leading up to this, you know that I jumped right in head first and ask questions later.  I got so excited to be apart of these communities that accepted me in (I was denied by two of them when asked to join) that I jumped in the mix and started attaching my blog, Instagram and Facebook pages information to everything.

Forget the fact that you have barely read the rules of engagement and it is 6:00 pm on a Saturday evening.  That bottle of Chardonnay is less than 1/4 of the bottle full and your husband is not getting the attention that he wants at the moment.  Bump all that, I was on a mission.  It’s my time to shine………

Or nah?


Following the directions of the threads for the weekend (they give you the whole weekend to complete threads) I posted, liked, followed and subscribed to members Instagram accounts, Facebook pages and Blogs like I was running out of time. Now that’s funny.

Lost all track of time and so caught up in what I was doing that when my husband said he was going up to bed and asked if I was coming, peeping at the clock is when you realize that the time is now 1:00 in the morning.  Forget the fact that you have to be to work at 8:00 am in the morning, in order for that to happen your alarm clock has to go off at 5:30am.

Nope, I will stay down for a little longer.  That was a mistake because I finished that bottle of wine and followed that up with a Martini or two, hell I forgot.  But what I do know is that it was well after 3:00 am before I made it upstairs.

After calling it a night and dreading the minimal hours of sleep, I woke up the next morning excited about my accomplishments and looking forward to getting off from work and checking my stats to see how many hundred of followers I had gained after following them.

The magic number was 10 new followers between all of my sights and pages.

Disaster had struck again and  saying that I was once again confused and lost was an understatement.

At this point you just want to give up and give in.

What would you do?



By Sheila Moon

Blogging was something that I wanted for my niece. She never followed thru so I started my own. Nothing specific just a lot of general things that I discuss because Life Happens and I talk about it.

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