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Time to #reset Me

Late Saturday evening at 9:00pm I started my three day FAST.  Nothing but bread and water for me for the next three days.  I need to reset me, my patience and my attitude lately need to be re-booted.  I have so much going on in my head about what I need to be doing and where I need to be in life personally that I feel so over-whelmed.  I just felt like taking away all the things that I indulge in right now is the way to go.  Good thing I am off Monday and Tuesday or things could be very ugly at work.  I got thru day 1 with little support from my husband because he planned to cook a big dinner on Sunday before I went to work and he didn’t understand why I didn’t want to eat.

His dinner was a rump roast with rice and gravy, muffins and turnip greens.  Hell yeah I wanted to eat some before going to work but I had to stick to my decision on this.  The devil’s temptations will not bear me down on this.  All I had before church yesterday was a glass of water and when we got home and I had to rush out the door for work, I had 4 pieces of toast to eat along the way.  I was going to have a smoothie each morning but decided against that as well.  JUST BREAD AND WATER!

My fasting feast for 3 days
My fasting feast for 3 days

I work in a restaurant and it was tempting all thru out my shift to break down but I held strong and ate a heated ciabatta bun and drank 3 bottled water.  When I got home I went to bed.  This morning I ate two pieces of toast and drank water as well.  For dinner it will be the same.  I have so many go-to’s or devices that I turn to when I get frustrated and they are not good for me, I am not addicted to anything so this was not bad for me.  We have done a month of no meat several times before and several 3 day Soup Detox weeks.  And I have cut back on my alcohol intake.  Only Champagne and Wine. Oh an d no sex for these three days as well.

Fasting is a willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food and drink, or both for a period of time.  There are many different Fasts that can be done and for many reasons.  For me, this is cutting out all of my vices and pleasures of food and drink.  Like I said, it’s time to reset me.  Clearing my head and easing my mind while diluting my stress.   I may have a glass of tea tonight but I will not eat that Little Debbie Jelly Crème Pie nor that tuna fish sandwich.  I will not break down, I WILL NOT BREAK DOWN, I WILL NOT BREAK DOWN!!!!

Just one more day to go.  Just know that when ever you feel like you can’t go on,  it’s time to do a reset and get back to the basics.  YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU.  It may not be Fasting that get’s you moving but what ever your vice for relief is do it.




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