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Wooden Beads Friday (the start of my day)

There is nothing like waking up early and knowing what is in store for you on that day.  On this Wonderful Wooden Beaded Friday morning I have to be in the building at 3 :00 pm for work.   So before I get that part of my day going, let’s look at how this week went for me.  On Tuesday I picked up Kris, one of my grandsons.  We have not seen him in awhile due to our work and all of the other things that we had going on.  Kris is all boy, he loves to jump around and keep it moving and playing.  He is not one for sitting still at any given moment and that is what we needed this week, he is full of Life and doesn’t mind sharing it with others.  Granted I have been at work majority of the time he has been here but he keeps his granddad on his toes, not to mention Brutus.

Kris and his toys- in his hand is the Red Power Ranger
Kris and his toys- in his hand is the Red Power Ranger

The one thing I don’t like is that his favorite cartoon at this time is SpongeBob.  But that’s a whole other thing.  Kris is going home today, he told me when I got home from work yesterday that he was ready to go home because he misses his mom, his grandma and his granny.  Kris also told me that he makes memories when he plays games with his mom and when he watches TV with his grandma.  He is one smart cookie to be talking about memories at the age of 5.  This school year he will be in kindergarten – his teacher has no idea what she is in store for.  Two years ago we bought all of the “smart” grandkids a tablet.  He actually used his for learning and reading purposes, yes, he played games on his tablet but he was all about the learning and every time he would come visit for a weekend he would bring his tablet and say look what I learned.  It is so wonderful to know that a generation of kids is coming along that are not all about those computers and games all the time.

He watches television and his most favorite characters in the world are Spiderman and the Red Power Ranger.  Last year for Christmas we gave all the grandkids gift cards and Kris bought himself two more Spiderman figures.  Grandad tried to get him to buy something different but that did not happen.  It makes me smile to see and feel his energy.  I hate that he is going home today because I didn’t get any grandma time with him so that we can make our memories.  But that is all my fault.  Next time though, next time…


Reasons like this are why it is so important to me to get this business in motion, so that I can make memories with all of my grandkids and my husband and I can be the grandparents that the kids want to come visit and spend the weekend with.  I need that to happen before the teenage years come along.  I have been up and on this site since 8:00 this morning trying to get some things accomplished while Kris is still sleeping, but to no avail.  Pages won’t come up right, I am getting an error page not found when I refresh them.  Such a tedious process for me yet every morning I am up and at it again.

It’s that kind of determination that is driving me to the point of ONCE AGAIN PAYING SOMEONE TO DO THIS FOR ME SO THAT I CAN BE DONE WIT IT!!!!  This is one time that I wish Kris knew about computers.




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