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Pinterest Pins (reading your pins)

Pinterest Pin boards and trying to find the time to go back and read them and put them into play for my growth and success is very hard to do with my full time job and trying to stay up to date with my crafts. This post is all about those pins that I have saved on my boards.  I have several pin boards on things that I need to go back and read them for the knowledge and the expertise that they have to offer but I just can’t seem to find the time.

I have a board called “Beginning Blogger” and “Business News” both I know are very beneficial to me and what I need to accomplish to be successful.  I am slowly going back and picking thru them and doing the projects that will help me with time management and with prioritizing my goals.  I knew I was pinning those things for a reason.

There are several out there in my “Beginning Blogger” board that I probably should have read before I started on this blog and maybe I would be in so much better shape.  But too late to turn back now.  Move on Sheila, move on.  I am sure a lot of people pin for the pictures and some pin to do later and then of course there are those like me that pin for the knowledge but then remember that you have to go back and utilize those resources in order to get anywhere for real.

I am very thankful for Pinterest in that aspect because I would have never thought to research some of the things that would educate me in some of these areas if I hadn’t peeped a subject on them.  Let’s face it, if you don’t spend a lot of time on the internet or YouTube, you wouldn’t know what to look for until it bites you in the butt or stares you in the face.

And with all of that one thing that a lot of those pins have told me is that I need to post on a blog if I want to have a blog….. tsk tsk tsk!


By Sheila Moon

Blogging was something that I wanted for my niece. She never followed thru so I started my own. Nothing specific just a lot of general things that I discuss because Life Happens and I talk about it.


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    January 7, 2017

    Pinterest can be so draining and you’re right i haven;t gone back to re-read any pins i saved over the past years. I tend to pin things I use for inspiration right now like home decor and then move on.
    XO, MJ

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    January 6, 2017

    As much as I enjoy Pinterest, it is a time suck. At some point you have to go back and read those pins or put them into action so I feel your pain.

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      January 9, 2017

      Amen Clara

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