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When Is It Really Time To Go Day 3 series

So I am a day late with this post and I can only blame myself.  See yesterday my husband decided he wanted to go ahead and do the conversion over from my old IPhone to my new one and that just took over my time.  Of course I had to go to work on “that” job at 3:00pm and on top of that it was hair wash day.  If you happen to have natural hair as I do then you know that is another task that takes some time to complete.

I did get up and read Day 3’s Blogging course on Learn How to launch a successful blog {http://makingsenseofcents.com} by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.  The topic of discussion for this course was “Create Your Blog To Continue”.  For this Michelle offers special pricing for starting your blog that she was able to maintain for her readers as well as taking you thru WordPress and hosting with Blue host.  She takes you thru the basic startup of a blog and offers guidance from her as well along the way.


So much time has passed and still stuck
So much time has passed and still stuck

Now here is where it gets tricky.  I already have a blog, hence what you are possibly reading now; but I purchased a theme from MOJO and they installed the theme for me because I had never done this before and had no idea what the heck to do.  Well my theme has not acted right since I got it.  I picked this particular theme because I loved it.  I spent quite a few hours going thru and looking for something that I thought was user friendly and seemed impossible for me, a computer dummy to mess up.  Boy was I wrong…. I had gone back and forth with them for a while about the theme and then I was told to contact the theme generator because I happened to have purchased something that was new and no one knew the in’s and out’s of it as yet.  HOW DO YOU SELL SOMETHING ON YOUR SITE THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AN EXPERT AT AND THEN CAN’T HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS?????  I then contacted the theme generator person/company and was told by them that they could not help me because Mojo installed the theme.   I am not looking to blast anybody, but this is so freaking frustrating and aggravating and to top it off they want me to pay more money for them to LOOK AT AND TRY AND FIX what’s wrong.  I already feel taken advantage of and cheated.

So here I sit typing away and reaching out to others to try and get my blog out there so I can make money blogging.  Needless to say It Is Really Time To Go, but now I’m trapped by my website.

Is My Time Coming Soon….


By Sheila Moon

Blogging was something that I wanted for my niece. She never followed thru so I started my own. Nothing specific just a lot of general things that I discuss because Life Happens and I talk about it.

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