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never ending computer battles

I never expected to spend the latter part of my day last night going thru and still trying to get this blog set up and going, especially after spending the last six hours on the road traveling home.  I can’t even get that journal post up due to the never ending (or so it seems), trial of getting my page to look like the theme that I purchased.  I spent some time on the phone with one of the techs at Blue Host and she was very nice and polite as she tried to help me out.  She also had some troubles with this particular theme and could not find out what all of the issues were, but she did find that I was missing some of the needed text that goes with this theme.

This is one of those situations where I was on YouTube and following a video on how to make your theme look like the demo, because once again, I cannot afford to keep paying  Blue Host to do these things for me and not getting it done when they said they would and nor can I keep just shelling out money.  While following the video for the theme, I kept getting an error message that something was missing so I called Blue Host, who I now have listed as a contact in my phone, and the tech (I’ll just call her “A”), walked thru some things with me.  She was very helpful even though she said she did not know much about this particular theme as it was so new.  A then went in and tried to do some things on her end and that is when she found that I was missing something on one of the files and she reloaded it for me and that gave me a part of the theme demo but not all.  So here I am still trying to figure this thing out.

She did send me a link to their YouTube channel and I spent some hours on there with those videos going along but remember, I am a computer dummy and some of that lingo still sends my head into a spin.  As I still try to figure this out and get it fully functional, A told me that she read part of my first post and saw that I did not have my posts from the WordPress.com site and said that if I had them saved I could import those post onto this site.  That was some very good news for me, until I looked for the post only to find out I did not save them… Woe the computer drama.

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