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Computer issues ( this is not what I expected)

Hip, Hip Hooray!!!  I paid for the WordPress.org site, bought a theme and paid for the install.  And I have nothing to celebrate.  All of this was done last Wednesday and should have apparently only taken three days to install.  After going back and forth I got an email at 12:14 am telling me the install was completed.  The only thing now is trying to customize my theme to look like the one I purchased.  They gave me a link for a site to reference but that site is currently performing maintenance.   Oh, I could get more help for more $$$$$.

I am so fed up with this process that I want to literally SCREAM AND SHOUT at anyone and anything that moves.  When they say simple, I think people tend to forget that what may be simple to you (i.e. website setup) is hard as crap for others.  THAT’S WHY WE PAY YOU TO MAKE IT SIMPLE, BUT YOU MAKE IT SO MUCH HARDER.  I did some reading on folks that said how hard it was switching from WordPress.com to WordPress.org and how much of a pain it was; so I decided to let the folks that I paid

to do my hosting do it all for me.  For all that I had done by myself on the previous version I could have been up and running by now on my own.

And now that all of my previous post are no longer available that affects part of my journey that I am sharing with you.   Whoa the Drama.  When you go to my Facebook pages to read my previous post, you only get the beginnings of the post because when you hit the webpage you get my new site.  If only there was a way for me to get those post onto this page.  Oh yeah, I am not computer savvy.

Safe to say that today’s Hat is one of being a disgruntled, don’t know how to work a computer, still behind the 8 ball and need to focus on the current holiday season, tired woman.

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