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Computer drama (ready, set – go nowhere)

Getting this site up a

nd running is definitely going to be the end of me in so many ways.  Why did I put myself thru all of this to be at this very stagnant stage.  I could be doing so much more with my time right now.  I could be designing wreaths, swags or even working on my next project; but no here I sit, disgusted as ever.  I sent an email in to Blue Host about the look of my theme not working correctly and I got a message back from them saying I need to contact the theme’s developer because they do not support commercial products……..

I had so many plans for today’s blog, all in good favor for my Wooden Nickel’s journey, but seems like that post is going to have to wait because I have to rant about my non working site.  On top of that whenever I do get something updated and try to locate my page, I get an error saying page cannot be found.

this is how I feel at this moment
this is how I feel at this moment

My head is throbbing right now and all I need is someone to give me twenty to thirty minutes of their time with out trying to take me to the bank.  Frustration is not the word that I would use for my temperament at this time, I would use the word ANGRY, UPSET AND PISSED.  I wanted a basic website, easily functional to tell my stories and show case my designs.  WHY CAN’T I GET WHAT I PAID FOR??????

I guess I will just keep typing and piling these up because right now I feel as hopeless as a penny with a hole it.


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    January 4, 2017

    Things happen for a reason. I know this can be very frustrating but sometimes a setback is actually what we need to have better clarity in moving forward. Hope you figured it out now. May 2017 be filled with success 🙂

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