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Computer Drama (day- I don’t know how many days now)

Well today is July 9,2016 and I am still having trouble with getting this blog up and on its feet; the struggle is oh so real….  I have been communicating with Blue Host via messaging and today I messaged with Mojo and still to no avail I am still counting my woes.  I did find that when you type my blog name in the search engine, my page came up as an error and saying it could not be found but one of the tech’s at Blue Host took care of that and now you can at least see my page but when you type on a category in the menu you only get my about page no matter what category you choose.  That part of the problem the tech told me to try a new theme.  This is part of my main problem; I went thru and chose a theme and no one seems to know how to work that theme.  I paid for the theme and then paid to have it installed and now I cannot get any support to get this theme to look or work right.  #frustrationlevelisHIGH.

fasting for three days and all the things I have to give up
fasting for three days and all the things I have to give up

I am starting a three day fast tomorrow because I am so frustrated with work and where I am with my business,,,,,NOWHERE.  I know that I need to take some time to rewind and reset myself.  I feel that there is nothing I can’t do but at the same time I feel that I am doing too much and not getting anything accomplished.  This blog is very important to me as it to anyone who does this type of thing.

I see this  blog as an outlet to help me express all of those things that I continue to hold in and as a place for me to share all of the wonderful things that take place and help me to grow; but most importantly to help me  #relax #relate #release.  With this fast I am cutting out all things that I consider to be fun and comfort and I am starting it tonight at 9:00 pm.  (Hold up let me go finish my last glass of wine)!  I am cutting out alcohol, food, sex and sweets.  Yep, nothing but bread and water for three days, I am going to miss those Little Debbie Jelly Cream Pies and those glasses of Champagne, but most importantly I need to gain control of what I am doing and do what I have to do to get to where I want to be.  I can’t keep going the way I am because if I do I am setting myself up for a downfall.  And this I know for myself, therefore I do tell myself that I need to turn things around.  And that is what I am doing.

But these computer issues are new for me, I am not a computer dummy or even a basic computer person, I would say that I am a challenged computer user who gains a very little knowledge daily.  Very little and that is why this is such a huge struggle for me because the more I try to teach myself, the more frustrated I get because I seem to be getting nowhere!

Is there any relief in sight?????



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