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When It Is Really Time To Go

When you walk in to your place of employment and then ask yourself “WHY THE HELL AM I HERE?”, it’s long past the time that you should have left or just moved on.  But at that moment it hits you – if I do leave, what am I going to do….. You have dreams and ambitions, but you have been doing the same job for mostly all of your adult life, which is about 26 years in my case.  You are in a whirlwind and don’t know how to get out and your mind is saying ‘I don’t know what you are GOING to do, but you CAN’T do this shit anymore.

And it all boils down to that old adage, if you are not happy, you can’t make the people around you happy.  Yes, go with that and then say to yourself that it IS TIME TO MOVE ON.  As I think about those people who just up and quit their  job and move to a new city or state where they know noone and turn their lives into the kind that other’s just dream about,  I think – how lucky can you be.  I do know that scenario is not possible for me.

I am married, my mom lives with us, we have a dog and we have two cars and two homes not to mention bills and children [and grandkids].  Up and quitting my job on a whim would most definitely end in divorce and me living on the street.  That is not an option for me- I love my husband and my family and I love my life, I just hate my job.

Contingency Plans
Contingency Plans

As a member of that city called Pinterest, I have a few boards and thousands of pins.   The thing about pinning on Pinterest is finding the time to go back and read all of those pins that you have saved to your Business Boards and Fellow Bloggers Boards.  Let’s face it, who’s got the time for that, you work a 55 hour work week for somebody else, you are a full time wife and even though they are grown and out on their own with their own families, you are still a full time mom and let’s not forget that you have two E-commerce stores on Etsy that you are trying to keep afloat.  Somewhere in there you have to find time to sleep.  Those bags under your eyes are only getting darker and deeper.

Well it just so happens that when I got home from that other job last night around 11:30, I was on Pinterest looking for those suggested Pins that come to your email box and I came across this blog post that was suggested for my Beginning Blogger Board.  The post was called “How To Quit Your Job and Become A Full-Time Blogger by Michelle Schroeder – Gardner who is a full time blogger at http://www.makingsenseofcents.com.

In this article she offered a free 7 – day email course on How To Start and Launch a Successful Blog Course and I signed up.  So over the next 7 days, I will share with you my advancement with getting my blog going and the hiccups from my past experiences with this.  They say the third time is a charm!



By Sheila Moon

Blogging was something that I wanted for my niece. She never followed thru so I started my own. Nothing specific just a lot of general things that I discuss because Life Happens and I talk about it.

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