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Flea Markets ( is this the place for my craft)

First let me start by saying this  mini series is a copy of the original post that I did on the free WordPress site.  Therefore the date this is being posted is not the original date.  Enjoy the read….

So I have been thinking about this blog thing for quite awhile now, and as I sit here at the flea market hoping for traffic to come my way, I decided to start today.  I was only able to get a booth in the “carnival/pool” section and there is very little traffic here for what I have to sell.  I tried this very late last year in December, so very close to Christmas,  and was unfortunate with the spot I had because it was outside near the pets.  That trip warranted me one sell at $40.00 in  a space that I rented for $37.50.

This time I was determined to get an indoor space and I got one for $40.00 for the two day rental.  Flea Markets are generally only open for business on Saturday and Sunday’s, but you can come in any time between operating hours Monday thru Friday and do setting up or work on your craft.  Lot’s of people seem to have their spaces on lock, meaning they are set up permanently here on the weekends.  I came and purchased my space on Wednesday afternoon but I had to go to work so I could not set up anything.  But I did go back up on Thursday morning with my mom and it took us practically three trips to unload the house of all of my stuff.  But we finally got it done and got the space set up looking very nice and ready for the weekend business.

Sad to say that this has been a let down.  We were there at 9:00 am and only had one sale for $40.00.  The operating hours on the weekend are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, that was a very long day to only have one sale.  See my craft is making wreaths and swags.  I started this in October of 2015 on a whim and just made some to see how they would do.  I made some for Halloween and then had some request for Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas, so in my mind I had a good thing going, people were buying what I was making.  So with that in mind, it’s safe to say I got ahead of myself.  I started buying mesh, ribbons, work forms and other materials that I used in bulk off the internet.  I was ready to go, I was making things so that I could get ahead for the holidays and I knew that I wanted to enter some craft shows so all of my spare and free time was spent making wreaths.

And then I got the idea of making swags for lanterns and bird cages.  I made some and sold some and then once again I got ahead of my self.  As I sit here at the flea market and look around at my set up, I have 12 grapevine wreaths, 8 wire wreath sets (wreath and mailbox swag combo), 8 big birdcages with swags attached and 12 little candle holders with swags attached.  I am getting lots of admirer’s and passing out lots of business cards but currently on this day, all I did was break even.

I’ve got to start getting some income from all of these works that I have sitting around.  So I packed up everything in my craft room and now I am leaving this flea market praying for Sunday sales.



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